Have you been thinking of getting into the role of being a pet parent recently? This angel-like thought is what turns your dream of adopting a paw-friend into reality.

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If pet adoption has been on your checklist, then

  •       The first step in this benevolent decision you have made is to run through a few pet rescue websites to get preliminary recommendations on the best course of action for you.             
  •       The best two choices that you have are, to go online and check if your desired breed of pet is available with any of the rescuers or find a breeder for the same purpose.
  •       Before zeroing on a specific breed, you need to make an extensive checking of the papers related to the doggie, you can visit the dog’s birthplace to check on its parents, the conditions and care under which they have been nurtured by the breeder, as having the family history of the pet are absolutely necessary to know if it has inherited any genetic disorders.
  •       Plus, if you are going for an exotic breed the right questions that need to be asked are: if the dog possesses any exaggerated features? Or does it already have any health risks? Are you in a position to pledge some amount for affordable pet insurance? Does your to-be pal have any tooth complaints? Should you consider additional Dental Insurance for pets that are made available in the market?  
  •       Also, as humans have basic needs, so do our animal friends. Do you have enough money to give it three meals a day, a few dog toys, safe chew items to keep them occupied, comfortable bedding, walking equipment, and provide good training when necessary?
  •       Dogs are highly social animals. The presence of people around them is what keeps them happy and content. Can you allocate some time to taking your pet to a park where she can spend some precious moments with others of her kind?
  •       If you are the kind of person who has always been travelling, then the pet will get extremely lonely in your absence which surely leads to behaviours uncalled for, and also leaves the pet anxious and depressed. Do you have any Plan B in place for its care and nourishment when you are out of reach? Can you hire the services of any of the Pet carers or dog daycare centres? 
  •       Another important issue that needs to be addressed is: How do you introduce your dog if at all you already have some feline friends at home? How do you strike a balance and get them to stay together under a single roof? You need to have a strategy in place to make the introduction process safe and easy.

Overall, a lot of conditions are there to become a dog parent, a role you ought to fill for the next 15 years, maybe. Mentally preparing yourself to select a dog that complements your temperament will take both of you a long way. Time and again, you need to water the intimate bonds both of you share to instil reassurance and ties of loyalty.