Organic farming is an agricultural technique that uses organic fertilizer and pest manipulation from animal or plant waste. It is like a gadget of farming that uses natural inputs like cow dung, green manures, and so on for cultivation and harvest. Natural farming became the practice to prevent environmental suffering because chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers damage the environment to a great extent. In specific terms, natural farming is a modern Farming or agriculture gadget that keeps improving ecological stability.

Blessings of natural farming;

  • In organic farming, no high priced fertilizers, insecticides, or HYV seeds are used for vegetation. Consequently, there may be a tremendous amount of fee discount. With inexpensive and locally available inputs, a farmer could do a profitable business.
  • There can be a high-quality call for organic products in India and worldwide, generating better income through exports. This is one of the number one reasons why farmers are choosing Organic Farming in India.
  • Compared to chemical and fertiliser-utilised manufacturing, natural merchandise is nourishing, tasty, and exceptional for fitness.
  • Organic farming is free of chemical substances and fertilizers, so it no longer damages the surroundings.

forms of organic agricultural practices; 

  • integrated natural farming
  • This kind of organic farming includes integrating pest management and nutrients control to gain ecological stability.
  • pure organic farming
  • Pure farming is about preventing all artificial chemicals; in this Farming system, all fertilizers and pesticides are from natural assets, including bone meal or blood meal.

Why is organic farming a want in the 21st century? 

  • Excessive use of chemical fertilizers reduces the fertility of the soil.
  • The organic farming method with the ultra-modern technology used in agriculture can lessen environmental suffering.
  • Less steeply-priced farming compared to another form of agriculture. 
  • Extra demands for organic meals due to the safety of meals.
  • Immoderate use of chemical substances has brought about soil, water, and air pollutants.

Advantages of embracing natural farming; 

There are several advantages of natural farming. Below referred to are some of the essential ones. 

  • Organic farming promotes sustainable development and the sustainable use of natural sources.
  • Generates earnings via exports, growing the source of income for farmers.
  • Natural farming generates profits for the arena of enterprises worried about the procedure.
  • It makes use of natural inputs—an inexpensive approach: give up result-healthful and lovely meals.
  • Organic farming is more labour intensive. Therefore, it generates more significant employment.
  • Natural farming is environmentally pleasant, so the carbon footprint left in the return of organic agriculture is a good deal less than contemporary technologically superior farming.

Three reasons organic farming is relevant in present-day time

  • It is more worthwhile than other farming techniques. Natural agriculture offers better nutritional costs than traditional farming methods.
  • Lastly, it provides new employment possibilities.

Organic farming with sustainable technology supported by way of technological know-how will bring in reform in agricultural development. Allows check out some of the ways agricultural development works. 

Agriculture development entails:

  • supporting farmers or crop manufacturers to provide them with several agricultural assistance of the current agriculture technology and supply protection.
  • Supporting crop management with scientific research.
  • The usage of advanced techniques.
  • Checking pests.
  • Facilitating variety.

A majority of these are critical for agricultural improvement in an organic way.

Consequently, organic farming may be the flagbearer of sustainable agriculture with all its environmental blessings. Furthermore, with the growing need to feed extra mouths in the future, it’s far more important to adopt this farming to ensure that our natural assets can help every human on this planet. Consequently, organic farming has mammoth functionality to turn around the prevailing environmental situation.